Gracie's 21st Centry Cafe' and Catering


Welcome to Gracie's: 610-323-4004

 was designed & created out of respect for life & well-being. . . this is the beginning of a message that appeared on our menu at our opening in November 1988.

November 21, 2016, marked our 28th year at this location at1534 Manatawny Drive, Pine Forge, PA 19548. Many things have changed in our lives and on our planet since our “childhood.” My intention and the shared intent of those who work with me has not altered. My role is as it has always been, one of supreme passion with regard to my “COOKING” and my ART.

I believe the dining experiences to be a most passionate endeavor, especially now as we move quickly in our more 'cyberistic' lifestyle.

To sit, to relax, to spend precious time with friends, business associates and loved ones ingesting not only the nourishing and lovingly prepared offerings but basking in the warmth shared when we have the community created by the table, carefully set, just for you. A wonderful time to 'slooooow' down and be conscious of every moment shared.

Thank you for sharing your ‘vibe’, and allowing us the opportunity to serve, create, and learn while along our path.