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Holiday Catering

Gourmet Heritage Holiday Meal

Priced to accommodate 12-15 guests Pick up or delivery for a small charge

Choose a main Entree -(homemade bread accompanies Entrée selection)
Whole Heritage Turkey & Gravy- $ 185.00
This turkey is grown free range and is hormone and antibiotic free. . it’s the taste of turkey you remember from years gone by. . . Bread stuffing with fresh herbs and mushrooms
Cranberry sauce accompanies

Chateaubriand  $ 285.00
Whole Tenderloin -grill seared and sealed in puffed pastry and baked to a golden brown outside and med. rare inside  '3' Sauces incl. ¨horseradish cream ¨ Dijon mustard sauce¨ Béarnaise

Braised Short Ribs   $ 217.50
Boneless short ribs of beef braised and slow roasted to tender 'fall off the bone' succulence
serve with the Tuscan pan roasting au jus

Roasted Duckling - $ 58.00 for 1 duck = 2 adults
or Goose- $ 280.00 (6-8 people)
Moist, and delicious, never oily. . with bread stuffing with fresh herbs and chestnuts
Roasted to tender perfection -Choose honey and fresh orange glaze or naturally roasted
Cranberry sauce accompanies

Whole Stuffed Salmon   $  175.50
“Wild’ caught whole Salmon completely boneless and stuffed with roasting vegetables caramelized leeks and onions, and fresh.  Roasted whole and served with your choice of –
¨ Fresh dill crème fraiche ¨ Citrus Herb Champagne Cream

Heritage Hams   $  195.00
Choose smoked or fresh. . roasted to perfection, these hams - all natural and free range raised
. . . naturally Smoked Hams roasted with our special baste of mango, apricots, ginger & honey then sliced
. . . also “Fresh” Hams (Pork Roast) roasted with fresh rosemary, sage, & garlic

Braised Lamb Shanks   $ 285.50
Tuscan roasted lamb shanks braised and slow roasted to tender 'fall off the bone' succulence
serve with roasting au jus

Rack of Lamb $ 315.00 (for 10-12 guests)
charcoal grilled or oven roasted
served with roasting au jus reduced with Cabernet

Leg of Lamb   $ 285.50
Boneless roast stuffed with root vegetables, onion & leeks tied and roasted with Merlot.
Served with pan juice reduction thickened with homemade roux.

Lasagna  $  135.00
Gracie’s famous feather light lasagna made with homemade pasta and our own hand crushed tomato basil marinara  - and fresh ricotta, mozzarella, and grated Romano

Gourmet Holiday Accompaniments

This list is Priced to accommodate 12-15 guests and for pick up or delivery

Choose a starch -   $ 49.00 [or as many as you would like @ $ 49.00 each per 12 people]

¨Holiday Parsnip and Yam Mash
A holiday favorite with a splash of cream and a hint of butter
smooth and creamy with a natural sweetness.

¨Nanny’s Potato Filling (with or without bacon)
mashed potatoes infused with caramelized onions, butter and lots of fresh parsley
baked to a golden brown top.

¨Holiday Potatoes
Thinly sliced russet potatoes layered with caramelized onion and grille roasted red bells
With a three cheese Alfrédo sauce – roasted in the oven

¨Wild Rice with chestnut & mushrooms
¨Quinoa with diced grilled vegetables
¨Wild rice, and fresh herbs

¨Simply Mashed
Russet and Idaho Potato Mashed whipped with rich cream and butter for that down home taste

¨Lobster Mashed  $ 75.00 - accommodates 12 guests
Russet and Idaho Potato Mashed whipped with rich cream infused with butter steamed cold water lobster chunks - truly decadent.
¨Gracie's Twice  Baked Potatoes in '3' styles
Idaho's finest baked and blended with

  1. cheddar cheese & Bacon
  2. French Chévre, fresh chives and Spinach
  3. Crème Fraiche & Caviar

then returned to the shell and baked
off to a delicious golden finish

¨Risotto Selection

  1. Sundried tomato and fresh basil ($ 45.00)
  2. Butternut Squash with caramelized leeks, and a hint of cider ( $ 48.00)
  3. Mushroom Mélange $ 75.00 (Shiitake, button, baby bellas, & oyster mushrooms)
with a hint of black truffle - finished with a drizzled of savory truffle oil

Vegetable Selections

¨Vegetable Medley (this medley can be grill roasted or steamed)    $ 35.00
Includes baby carrots with tops, fresh green beans, broccoli and cauliflower medley
(please let us know if you’d like to order the family favorite – all veg is available)

¨Stuffed Acorn Squash    $ 8.50 (per each)
Stuffed with a medley of Mediterranean style vegetables and a hint of imported feta

¨Savory Holiday Soubise    $ 39.50
a savory selection of green cabbage, leeks, sweet Vidalia onion, parsnips, & turnips
all caramelized then steamed to tenderness
served with a whole grain truffle honey Dijon cream for drizzling

¨Grilled Cauliflower Fans     $ 37.50
topped with grill roasted vine ripened tomato, grilled broccoli florets, and grill roasted parsnips
drizzled with a kalamata aioli

¨Baked White Corn Casserole     $ 34.00
Freshly cut from the cob and lightly seasoned tossed with freshly beaten eggs
A hint of cream, and finished with a parmesan bread crumb topping

¨Citrus Haricot Vert    $ 38.50
Freshly French Green Beans. . steamed crisp and topped with sautéed button mushrooms and Chévre medallions - Drizzled with balsamic reduction and truffle oil

¨Truffled Brussels' $ 47.50
tiny organic Brussels sprouts gently steamed and finished with a light champagne Truffle cream

¨Roasted Beets  $ 36.5
Fresh medley of red and candy striped beets, oven roasted, sliced and served with
medallions of French Chévre


(accommodate 10-12)

Caesar-  $  28.50 crisp romaine, homemade croutons, anchovies, and grated Romano

Baby Field Greens – $  28.50 tossed with radishes, grape tomatoes, celery, cukes, Balsamic Vinaigrette

Tomatoes Capresé - $ 37.50 Vine ripened tomato sliced and layered with Bufala Mozzarella & fresh chiffonade of basil - drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, and balsamic reduction

Pear Salad Bleu
– $  46.00 Field greens, Anjou pears, tossed walnuts, and our own Blue cheese dressing

Grill Roasted Red Bell Pepper Salad – $  46.00 Charcoal grill roasted beautiful red bell peppers with French Chévre, balsamic drizzle, & extra virgin olive oil.

Greek Village Salad - $ 38.50 -vine ripened tomato, crisp cucumbers, julienne of sweet red onion tossed in a traditional Greek vinaigrette with oregano and finished with imported Bulgarian Feta.

Salad San Diego
- $ 55.00-Ripe avocado sliced and served with artisan greens drizzled with a delicious tarragon curry dressing served with grilled cauliflower fans & grilled vine ripened tomato

Roasted Beets Salad
- $ 56.00 - Beets, gently steamed and chilled served with French Chévre and served enwreathed with Artisan Greens tossed with mandarin orange wedges in a light citrus Lemon thyme Goat cheese vinaigrette


@ 15.00 per each accommodates up to 15 people
¨Gracie's homemade single rise Italian type bread
¨Pesto Bread. . our own recipe of a rolled bread laced with fresh basil pesto
¨Corn Bread
¨Pumpkin Bread
¨Individual rolls in plain or pesto style

Holiday Desserts

Island Coconut Tart with Key Lime Mousse   $ 55.00

Pumpkin Pie    $ 35.00

Carrot Cake with honey’d cream cheese frosting     $ 35.00

Holiday Apple Cake with homemade caramel sauce  $ 38.00

Chocolate Raspberry Loaf with semi sweet chocolate ganache   $ 58.00

Chocolate Fondue with ripe strawberries     $ 51.00

Mousse au Chocolat  $ 39.50