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Blue Plate Special
The Blue Plate Special

Wednesday 2-10-16

Filet Bolognese Linguini
Grass fed filet mignon ground & sautéed with mire poix of carrot and crisp celery, hand crushed tomato & herbs with a hint of cream to finish this traditional Bolognese recipe ~ Imported linguini carries the sauce beautifully

includes a house salad with red wine vinaigrette & Homemade Bread

$ 16.00 bucks!

This special price plate is NOT designed for sharing Our apologies

*Because these challenging economics should NEVER 'cramp your style' , aka- don't let the bastards keep you at home! Come out and enjoy civilized dining with just a HINT OF DECADENCE. Each week we create a different delectable plate of 'homemade' Chow!